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light skinned Black woman in a houndstooth top and pink pants smiling while sitting in a pink and black wheelchair

It's not enough to watch a video and say that we learn things yet never really apply it to who and what we are, how we are at home, and how we interact with each other. If there is no implementation then nothing really changes.

We're here to help fix that.  Want to know how? Keep reading. 

The first system
that needs to 
change is you

Working Reality of Disabled People Report is HERE!!! Grab Your Copy!


Who do we help?

Those who are seeking ways to improve equity in their organizations and organizers looking to be more effective in their work/businesses looking for help with accessibility/equity.

The goal is to get us thinking about the ways which we look at ourselves, change ourselves and change our communities. True equity is everyone getting what they need and Catalyst Consulting exists to aid in making sure that all communities are equitable and inclusive. One major part of the equation involves justice. Justice has to include removing the barriers to equity and and that's why the principles of disability justice are at the heart of everything we do. 

Here's how?


Our unique approach combines story telling, qualitative and quantitative data to highlight key issues and develop new insights. Download your copy of our latest work here


Over 25 years experience in advocacy and community development. Tools & workshops available to build effective leaders, create new lenses to foster better relationships! Includes our transformational wellness program. 

Trained by the Association of Black Psychologists and Community Healer's Network our wellness program helps employees of African descent, and their families, process the effects of racial trauma


Qualified professionals to guide you through embedding equity into an organization's infrastructure using our unique framework.

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We're here helping you rethink what matters.

Let's get the conversation started. 

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Our Team

Catalyst Consulting is an evidence-based intersectional equity and inclusion partner for nonprofits, municipalities, and small businesses seeking to jumpstart rethinking their ethos through training, guides, and support resources. 

 luticha is a light skinned Black person with dark hair and clear glasses wearing a houndstooth top and jewelry smiling at the camera

Luticha André 

anita is a medium brown Black woman with locs wearing an orange shirt smiling at the camera

Anita Cameron

Jeiri is a light skinned heavy set woman with dark glasses wearing a red scarf and brown jacket and smiling at the camera

Jeiri Flores

Luna Aerith Doucette

Chief Supervisor 


Callie "Squeak Toy" Doucette

Cuddler in Chief,

Wellness Coordinator 

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