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Luticha André 


I am a queer, quirky, disabled black femme. Lover of cats and justice. I was nicknamed "The Catalyst by my older brother as he says I'm "always starting something and getting people to rethink things".
My brother was definitely on to something!

Luticha André Doucette, owner of Catalyst Consulting graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Bioinformatics where she developed protein surface prediction algorithms. After graduating, she was a Fellow at the University of Rochester where she worked in a genomics lab that focused on analyzing the venom of parasitoid wasps to develop new drug therapies for various diseases. In 2017 she authored a report on wage disparities across race, gender, and disability in Rochester and Monroe County in conjunction with the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative and in 2018 authored a follow-up report on employment barriers for disabled people in Rochester and Monroe County.


She is a graduate of the Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship program and an AUCD Emerging Leader. She is committed to helping organizations examine equity across race, gender identity, and disability in policies, practices, procedures, and relationships. 

She lives in Rochester, NY with her two cats:

​Areas of focus: Equity, Disability Justice, Health Advocacy, STEM/Research


Anita Cameron

"I'm not dead yet!"

As a Black Disabled Lesbian, Anita has dealt with racisim, sexism, ableism, and homophobia - sometimes combinations of these. She has used her experience of discrimination and her unique intersectional perspective to promote understanding among different groups of disenfranchised people and increase social justice among those fighting for social justice.


She worked to get nondiscrimination ordinances for the LGBTQIA2S+ community in Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. She helped organize the first Pride March in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wrote a nondiscrimination policy for a Center for Independent Living in Denver, CO, and served as the national representative for the disability community at the 1993 March on Washington. 

Anita began working as Not Dead Yet's Director of Minority Outreach in January 2017. She has met with national and state policy makers and written persuasively about opposition to a public policy of assisted suicide from the perspective of communities of color who experience disparities in access to healthcare.

Anita also serves on the National Disability Leadership Alliance's Steering Committee, as well as it's Racism Taskforce, and co-Chaired the Intersectional Justice Committee for ADAPT. 


Anita lives in Rochester, New York, with her wife, Lisa, and cats, JoJo and Nemo.

Jeiri Flores (she/her/hers)

"I believe in the power of the people and that everyone should have an opportunity to pursue the life they desire."

J. Flores.jpg

Jeiri Flores is a strong, passionate Puerto Rican disability justice activist from Rochester, NY. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in the study of Sociology and African-American Studies at SUNY Brockport in 2014. Currently she is pursuing her masters degree in Human Development at the University of Rochester’s Warner School. Jeiri serves as a resource for residents in her community by connecting them to existing services and supports. As a disability advocate Jeiri shares her unique perspective at various colleges and conferences where she introduces attendees to the struggles and invisibility people with disabilities face.


She provides insight regarding inclusion, citizenship, disability intersectionality and challenges that remain unaddressed by society. She hopes to influence young disabled people to fulfill their purpose and create a new narrative for what it means to be disabled.

Strengths - Facilitation, public speaking, community outreach, critical thinking, networking

Areas of focus - Advocacy, Intersectionality, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Disability awareness 

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