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Our Mission

Catalyst Consulting is an evidence-based intersectional equity and inclusion partner for nonprofits, municipalities, and small businesses seeking to jumpstart rethinking their ethos through training, guides, and support resources with a disability justice framework. 

Our Vision

Disability justice becomes the rule and not the exception for equity. 

Our Values

This was coined by Kimberly Crenshaw in 1989 and speaks to how we have multiple identities , multiple marginalized identities and therefore multiple isms that impact us. 



Each person has life experience, diffring wants and desires , and different identities. Is important in equity work to recognize the wholeness of all individuals and that we approach situations etc based on our own personal narratives and experience. Our work centers around having others recognize what those narratives and experiences are to create better cohesion and understanding throughout an organization. 


We all are gatekeepers. We want to be the kind of gatekeeper that lets in others behind us, leverages power to aid liberation and understands systems of power to be effective leaders. We strive to be gatekeepers that do not uphold systems of oppression but are vanguards of liberation. 

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