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​​In the wake of COVID and cultural uprising there are many asking "How do I start? What do I do?" and our job is to give a starting point and a framework that THEY can build upon. Also, helping them to re-frame the issues as a solvable problem. We can help make the possible of the impossible.



We offer customized training for you in your organization as well as regular webinars that we partner with our associates and comrades! Please check out our Instagram for past webinars partnerships or the events link to see past work!

Training Topics Include:

  • Health Advocacy

  • Equity series 

  • Data analysis for leaders 

  • Advocacy series 

  • Power analysis 

  • DEI and disability 

  • And much more!



We firmly believe that the first system that needs to change is you! The first point of entry for our leadership development is our 30 day guided journal and if you need more support you can purchase our course for the journal here. We offer a four week group coaching model and a year long monthly group coaching plan to help you catalyze your leadership to the next level!



Using our unique disability justice lens and expertise in advocacy, we develop custom dynamic equity plans for your organization and help you map metrics and outcomes to the work that you want to do. Need help with implementing your plan? Hire us to be your equity thought partner and advisor to ensure the success of the initiative. 


Clarity and change are just around the corner. 
Schedule your call today!

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We engaged Catalyst Consulting to provide a guest webinar to our network, and it was a fabulous experience. Luticha is a skilled and personable training facilitator, who brings so much depth of knowledge and personal experience to her work. Her training was infused with personal anecdotes that brought the material to life for the participants, and she has a calm and approachable style that allows her to deeply connect with her audience. It was a pleasure working with her!

You can also hire us to research and write papers on issues of equity. 


Many organizations rely on data and metrics in order to obtain grants and show value. At Catalyst Consulting we can help you analyze your data as well as set up a system to help better measure success in an equitable way. 

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