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So you want to create

social change?

Do you feel overwhelmed?


Don't know where to start?


Maybe you keep asking "Who is missing from the conversation/table" but do not know how to identify or reach out...or maybe you know that you don't know what you don't know...

I'm here to help!

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In this 30 day guided journal I take you through complex topics and break things down to reasonable bites. 

Here's some of what folk have had to say that they've learned:

  • Daily prompts for advocates and leaders to hone critical thinking skills

  • Develop new lenses for social change

  • Learn leadership principles from those who are the most impacted

  • Better understanding of self and others for intersexual advocacy and leadership

  • Learn how to build a “net that works”

  • Fun for new advocates and challenging for seasoned leaders

Great for those advocating from the bedroom to the boardroom 

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I am learning to advocate for my kid and make virtual school accessible for him. I like the format of this Journal. I have been able to apply it all in real time! The Journal takes all these huge issues and breaks it up into understandable pieces. It is very challenging but approachable.


Each day built off the next and I often found questions would linger in the back of my mind all day. This applies to all relationships across the board from parenting, my family, my friends, community. It's helped me kind of zero in where my power is and how to influence change.


– Kristy

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Cultivating An

Intersectional Mindset


(and if the title is too long, basically i teach people how not to be jerks)

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