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Disrupt How You Think About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
Disability Justice Leadership Immersion

Only 25 seats available!!!

Are you ready to create change and disrupt how you think about diversity, equity and inclusion? 

Are you a change agent looking for new tools for effective community building?

Are you seeking new ways to be a better advocate or leader?

If any of these fit you, then this immersion is for you! 

In this week long experience we will:

  • learn as a community and collectively share!

  • learn how to maximize resources (we know that we got limited time and dollars)

  • learn how to get out of a piece meal mindset and begin to disrupt systems of power

There's even hot seats for you to get the spotlight to share your progress:

And....I'll NEVER offer this at this price EVER AGAIN!!!

What you'll get

  1. FREE step by step ebook with prompts and worksheets to guide you in your transformation

  2. Daily videos to help facilitate learning

  3. Daily 60 min check in calls with hot seat to share your progress

  4. Access to replays for 30 days

  5. Mini strategic leadership/advocacy plan

  6. Certificate of accomplishment

Normally, this would cost $997 BUT you get it for the low price of $497

I'm only offering this to 25 people so seats are limited!!!


honey skinned person in houndstooth top and pink pants in a wheelchair smiling
Meow! black cat face with stylized multicolored c for eyes
honey skinned person in houndstooth top and pink pants in a wheelchair smiling with arms outstretched
Meow! black cat face with stylized multicolored c for eyes

Place your order now for only $697!

Still Not Convinced? Here's What Folk Have to Say About My Work...

RMAPI's (Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative) adoption of a Fight for $15 starting wage owes its existence to you, your tenacity, and perspective in authoring the Disparity report. I stand on your shoulders and others on the project do as well. By my count, several tens of thousands of local workers have been positively impacted.

Bruce Popper is the former president of the Rochester and Vicinity Labor Council, AFL-CIO, and former vice president of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

five star amazon review of the book cultivating an intersectional mindset

I am learning to advocate for my kid and make virtual school accessible for him. I like the format of this Journal. I have been able to apply it all in real time! The Journal takes all these huge issues and breaks it up into understandable pieces. It is very challenging but approachable. Each day built off the next and I often found questions would linger in the back of my mind all day. This applies to all relationships across the board from parenting, my family, my friends, community. It's helped me kind of zero in where my power is and how to influence change. – Kristy

It’s really a layered and rich process of discovery. I am only on day four but I am appreciative of what is being revealed. -Stephanie


Place your order now for only $497!

Thanks for your order! You'll be receiving updates shortly!

Meow! black cat face with stylized multicolored c for eyes

You should attend this immersion if:


You know that we can't wait for change


You want to ensure your equity initiative succeeds in the face of great odds (Look at where we at now. We can't afford to continue like we have)


You understand that justice needs good leaders, like you!

December 6 - 12 2021 8pm EST 


So here's the deal I’ve been doing advocacy work for over 20 years. 

I have worked with nonprofits, healthcare professionals, and even municipal leaders so I have seen all types of initiatives and what works and what does not. I have also taken beaucoup (that’s fancy for “a lot”) leadership development courses/classes/seminars and often they DO NOT include disability justice principle in their programming.

I have seen (and read!) a lot of books on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and some on disability, but NONE combine these thoughts in the unique way that you'll see in this experience, which is based on my book, Cultivating An Intersectional Mindset.

During this webinar I'm going share a key strategy to help propel your advocacy and leadership forward. I can guarantee that my methodology is transformational and will help you be able to act in real time on key issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Most people tell you the "what" but I will also show you the "how" This could be the most valuable week-long event you'll spend so sign up now!

ONLY 25 SEATS AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meow! black cat face with stylized multicolored c for eyes

About Luticha Doucette

Luticha André Doucette, owner of Catalyst Consulting graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Bioinformatics where she developed protein surface prediction algorithms. After graduating, she was a Fellow at the University of Rochester where she worked in a genomics lab that focused on analyzing the venom of parasitoid wasps to develop new drug therapies for various diseases. In 2017 she authored a report on wage disparities across race, gender, and disability in Rochester and Monroe County in conjunction with the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative and in 2018 authored a follow-up report on employment barriers for disabled people in Rochester and Monroe County.


She is a graduate of the Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship program and an AUCD Emerging Leader. She is committed to helping organizations examine equity across race, gender identity, and disability in policies, practices, procedures, and relationships. 

She lives in Rochester, NY with her two cats: Luna & Callie

Don't miss this immersion!

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